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Posted: 21st Oct 2020 19:56
Hi all! This is my first time posting on the board since buying GG. I found the free model Mole Rat and wanted to add an engine to the back of it. I was able to achieve this and still keep the old animation. It works well enough in milkshape 3d and fragMOTION but when I import the model to GG,
1 - it doesn't show in the editor when placing it, and
2 - the animation is broke.
As I get closer to it, it falls on its side and starts spinning like crazy. Even flies up in the air sometimes.

Of course any help is appreciated. I try to do a lot of research before bringing my problems to you all but I just can't figure it out.


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Posted: 22nd Oct 2020 04:49
change the shader in the fpe file entity_anim.fx if your using DNSI texture format.
If Using PBR then use the apbr_anim.fx file.
Restart GG and see if that works.
In fragmotion you should be able to export a x file. and ave the importer fpe file look for that instead.
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