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Posted: 16th Oct 2020 14:24 Edited at: 16th Oct 2020 14:30
Hi there,

After adding some action to my game and trying to kill enemies with knife, I conclude that it would be very cool to change enemy's rate of fire dynamically. Rate of fire of the enemies was increased by default to create an illusion of targeting. But I want now to have a condition when enemies start shoot like crazy when player approaches with knife (like if I set rate of fire to zero in editor). It will be very cool, because it creates an illusion of "defending at all costs" game situation. You can see in the video below what I am talking about. In it, when I'm approaching with knife soldier does not shoot all time what is too bad, I guess. May be someone knows how to set "rate of fire" in lua script. I checked setup.ini looking for something like "rateoffire" and failed...

Thank you for all answers!

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Posted: 16th Oct 2020 14:45
iirc you can brute force it by adjusting the gun settings which will in turn effect the AI weapons if they are using the same gun - it's a bit of a bug tbh but might work in your favour for this
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