Scripts / Animated Sprites?

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Posted: 15th Oct 2020 02:15
Looked over the forums on animating sprites [decals], seems there's no
real lua function to set the animations?

So... is the only Sprite animation control --
a sprite you want to animate differently under different circumstances--
is only possible by (if you acquire a Decal Sheet), split it up into separate
slices, and place them manually on the screen?
True? or is there a better way?!
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Posted: 15th Oct 2020 06:02
There is no sprite animation GG Lua command to animate sprites, at least I don't know any.

Anyway, you can loop your images to get the animation. Forget sliding layers in a sprite sheet, think most in some sort of images to reproduce the animation, such as an animated gif file work.
Save these images in scriptbank>images>your folder name.
For instance, if you have 18 images then the images should be labeled from 000 thru 017.png.
Sometimes you will have to play with the alpha channel to get a transparent background as I did in the video below with the diamond.

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Posted: 15th Oct 2020 10:23
yep you have to split the sheet up for doing it manually - decals or particles can use spritesheets
lua guide for GG
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