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Posted: 25th Sep 2020 20:22 Edited at: 25th Sep 2020 20:28
He there everybody,

I stubbornly continue experiments in my fusion lab and want to share some results.

First of all, I have got normal texture for droid, which satisfies me at all right now. But I realize that I cannot use apbr shader, because of lack knowledge so i'll continue with entity_basic shader. If you have any comments on using of entity_basic shader feel free to share it.

Then, my try to retexture Machine Console 3d model was successful. The result is unpredictably fantastic. Check it out. But I have question if someone has any tutorials on using metalness. I just set metal area to white. But when I am looking on plasma gun and metal chair and some other 3d models with metalness, I am going sad, because my textures do not compete at all. Something is wrong and I do not understand what apparently my error is.

Thank you for all comments and answers!!!

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Posted: 25th Sep 2020 21:54 Edited at: 25th Sep 2020 22:03
entity_basic is a legacy shader, it is for entities that use the old Diffuse, Normal, Specular system. Metalness is a PBR texture it will not work with that shader, you have to use the apbr_basic for PBR textures.

Not sure why you can't use the apbr_basic texture, you don't have to do anything with it just have the name of the Shader in the entities FPE file and then use the correct naming on the textures and it works.

For metal it's not just a the metalness that makes it look shiny, you also use a _gloss texture, which is actually a _roughness texture named _gloss, it's a grey scale texture with pure white being 100% rough and black being 100% glossy.

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