Scripts / [SOLVED] How to make characters in game not to attack the player

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Posted: 24th Sep 2020 19:43
Hi I got the engine a few weeks ago when it was free and i started on making a project and i want characters in my project not to attack the player when its nearby. I tried to set the fire rate in properties of the character but it cant stop the characters not to attack the player. Can you help me that i also watched the first series of game guru tutorial and i cant find anything about it. I also tried to post on forums about this and the button for new thread is not working.

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Posted: 24th Sep 2020 20:06
Will depend on which character as some have custom scripts but for most of them if you set the 'View Range' parameter to a low value, say 1 then that should stop them. (0 actually means infinite range btw)

The firing rate is a weird one, the bigger the value the less often they should fire, but I don't think that has any effect on melee characters.
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Posted: 24th Sep 2020 21:31
Just add the ai_neutral.lua file to the character, via properties panel.
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Posted: 25th Sep 2020 13:47
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The solution is here:
Hope to find your answer.
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