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Posted: 19th Sep 2020 14:40
I am just messing around with blender and have downloaded 2.74 after the new 2.90 doesn't support direct X

Anyway I have tried exporting a test model as both an X file and Fbx file and GG is asking me to install Framenet 3.5, but as far as I understand this wont install onto Windows 10.

When I still try, the model isn't there and only the Red Character(Indicator) is??
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Posted: 25th Sep 2020 08:26 Edited at: 25th Sep 2020 08:27
NET Framework 3.5 is a 'silent' feature in Windows 10 it as been left in for legacy apps, to enable it go to Control Panel, select 'Programs and Features' on the left hand panel you should see 'Turn Windows features on or off' click on that wording, a box will pop up at the very top are the .NET Framework features put a tick in the selection box for NET 3.5 and select OK windows will enable the feature for you, a computer restart may be required.

as far as importing your asset into GG you will not see anything until you select a texture for it
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Posted: 30th Nov 2020 08:32
Hello, I am new to game guru, but I have used many engines so I was developing a game. I needed a new weapon so I went to many websites and downloaded one, it was added to my weapons library. But when I was adding it to my map, it was not adding. Then I downloaded a gun through game guru store thinking that it will work, but it was also not adding to the map. Please tell me a solution to this.
I have game guru 2020.5.
I have registered everywhere.
I did not delete any files.
I am new to this forum too.
Please help!
Thank you.

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