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Joined: 22nd Aug 2020
Posted: 22nd Aug 2020 13:05
I need a weapon that shoots, for free! Shotgun, pistol, grenade launcher, submachine gun, please! Expectation
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Posted: 22nd Aug 2020 13:37 Edited at: 22nd Aug 2020 13:38
Firstly please check out the sticky posts in this forum, especially the rules request one. Requests for Media are not permit tree on this section of the forum.

Secondly, the chance that anyone will agree to give you a free weapon is extremely slim. Weapons aren't just simple models, they are complicated media including rigging, animating, and setting up for use in the engine. They're a pain to make and take a lot of time and effort, so requesting a weapon is quite a big ask.

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Posted: 22nd Aug 2020 15:43
There are free stock weapons in Game guru
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Posted: 24th Aug 2020 11:19
Locked - See board section rules regarding request.

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