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Posted: 3rd Jul 2020 19:33

Are these the current PBR file formats used by GG?
Will these be used in GGMax?

Will the imported accept textures in other formats (jpg, png)
as long as they follow the naming convention?

When a file is imported a DBO file is created in EntityBank / User
Once imported, where should the model and textures be stored?
Does the importer create an FPE?

Just trying to get up to date... Thanks

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Posted: 3rd Jul 2020 21:33
Check out my steam guide for guidance on naming.


That will tell you what textures you need. You can use other image formats but DDS is the best to use.

The importer will do it all for you, it will convert your model to DBO and your textures to DDS, and create the BMP icon and for file.

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