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Posted: 5th Apr 2020 12:08
I always had the idea to make some kind of music game , with different styles of music,and in this software
I see great potential and opportunity in this game creation.It can actually be a new way to create a game , new game style.
I also see that there are people who could create content for this , of course I create it what I know and can do.
It would be good to have such content in the game guru store , or if some wish free Models and Media too.
From music studio game to video mixes game, competitions in various music styles game etc.It can also create some sort of musical “weapon” like the microphone after which people will start singing etc.Or buy different in-game musical instruments, search for new ones on the map, upgrade them, etc.
Ideas are many that can be made, and it is only the imagination that determines what can be done.
crostha 2020

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