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Posted: 3rd Apr 2020 12:58
Title: Save Us
Premise: It's been 2 years and still no sign of survivors. The world is in shatters due to the outbreak. Scavenging an abandoned pawn shop you see a flesh eater grabbing hold of a man and his son. One bullet to the skull by your hand, and now they're in debted to you now... "Keep Us Alive!"

Game Summary:
Strategy sim shooter with a good narrative. Develop a relationship with your survivors.
Don't get too chummy, it may make it harder to stay sane. Defend countless waves of zombies while keeping as many survivors alive as possible. A farmer, mechanic, doctor, and rogue scavenger keep the zombie waves manageable. Losing one survivor drastically reduces your survivability. How long can you last?

-Strategic Base Defense
-Farmer produces Food
-Mechanic upgrades Base
-Doctor provides healing
-Scavenger generates random loot
-Day/Night Cycle (Zombie wave at night, Scavenge during the day)
-Kill zombies
-Increasing Difficulty
-Hunger/Thirst system

Now I've researched most of these features throughout the script forum. Marked the scripts I've found.

Is it possible to use all these scripts at once successfully? Or do I need to code all of this my self?

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Posted: 11th Apr 2020 16:46
Similar to my project, MINUS the zombies. Bleh! @zombies!
So just keep it as simple and organized as you can. It's hard to keep
motivated and on track when you try to do too many things at once.
But once you have a tier of work complete, you can expand to the next.
Good luck!
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Posted: 16th Apr 2020 05:50

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