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Posted: 21st Mar 2020 17:34
Good evening. I puzzled a character together in blender then rigged in mixamo and imported via fbx2gg. This character is supposed to be like a ai pistol soldier. But my problem is the character is big as a mountain!

Can't scale characters ingame. Should I have scaled in Blender somehow, or is it possible to fix in the fpe-file?

This is how height and stuff looks like in fbx2gg, yeah..

Vertices: 22249
Faces: 21703
Width: 541.47
Height: 601.72
Depth: 105.75

I'm pretty new to Blender I have learn uv-map and puzzle stuff together, but I have no idea with scaling/heights/camera

All help is much appreciated

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Posted: 22nd Mar 2020 16:06
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scale=100 in the fpe is default, so you can fiddle with that. I thought that fbx2gg automatically scaled Mixamo models, but usually the correct size for GG is 40% of Mixamo or MakeHuman characters.
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Posted: 22nd Mar 2020 18:09
Hi Gtox, thank you i will look into this. Maybe i messed up with Blender. I scaled the model there to make the body bigger so i could fix the head onto body. Maybe in my head i just "zoomed" in, but in reality i made it bigger in there

Sucks tho if i have to redo uv, but i will try playing in the fpe file first
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Posted: 22nd Mar 2020 18:28
Sorry dubbel post

I put scale = 15 under orientation in the fpe-file and that solved it! Thanks Gtox!

Looks like this now:
model = irene.x
scale = 15
offx = 0
offy = 0
offz = 0
rotx = 0
roty = 0
rotz = 0
defaultstatic = 0
materialindex = 0

Only minor problem, when you kill the character it teleport half the body underground xD
Is there a fix for that? If not i can live with that
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Posted: 25th Mar 2020 03:13
Try adding these to the FPE file. Try the first one alone first and see if that fixes it.
resetlimbmatrix = 1
collisionscaling = 120 <--- Play with this number if needed. Try 18 and see how that works.

The ideal thing would be to export it out of blender at the correct real world size. It may take a few times to get it correct. But Gtox's scale ratio sounds right.

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