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Posted: 13th Feb 2020 04:00
Now we all know that ADs are not ok - tis just another form of spam.
OK I be pretty sure that none of TGC's web sites have any google ads.

I just performed a clean install of my system, and before having installed any ad blockers went to log in to GG site.
After logging in there is a random ad displayed at the bottom. In fact there is one under this box I am typing into right now!

So is there anyway you can code your website to fight back at these pesky google ads?

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Posted: 13th Feb 2020 07:50 Edited at: 13th Feb 2020 07:54
Might be best to send a message to Jason (TheNext) and ask him to look into it to double check, but this website doesn't have any code that i know of for ads, apart from the one at the top that promotes gameguru's products and the news latter.

Are you sure you haven't accidentally added an advertising add-on for your browser, or gotten a virus or something?

Scrub that, this must be more recent, i have them at the bottom of the forum now too. Never seen them before. But to be honest the fact that i have never noticed them until you told me they were means that whoever added them did a good job of keeping them unobtrusive, they don't seem to effect anything i do and most of the time they're in the footer where i don't go anyway, so i'm happy for them to be there if it helps bring in some revenue to pay for the website.

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Posted: 17th Feb 2020 13:43

These have been added intentionally as a form of extra revenue for TGC, they are very unobtrusive and shouldn't cause any issues.
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