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Posted: 27th Jan 2020 02:05

Firstly, I must apologies because I'm pretty sure this would've been asked and answered many times. But I can't seem to find the exact answer I'm after.

New to modelling and importing into GG. Curious to know how you can import a model that uses multiple .dds files.

Example, I have:, and

But the model also uses a steel texture, so I have the files: and

How does one go about making the model inside GG use all of these textures. If I were to rename the SteelEdges to match the WoodenCrate ones, it would just overwrite the file? Same name. Whats the go with naming multiple .dds files?

As an extra Question, how would I add a Roughness to the model, I have a roughness texture also.

Appreciate any help!


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Posted: 27th Jan 2020 08:01
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This is a little more difficult to do. GameGuru wasn't really designed to use multi-texture objects by default, but it was added in a rudimentary form.

Import as normal using your main textures, then navigate to the folder the importer saved it in, find its .FPE file and delete the name of the texture listed under the texture fields and save it.

so for example if it said:

then change it to:

do the same for the other texture? fields if there are any.

As long as the textures are in the same folder as the model and .fpe, and your modelling software has named those textures in the model file then gameguru should now display it as a multitexture

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Posted: 27th Jan 2020 10:41

Appreciate the reply!

Turns out, all I had to do was use the Import Model function within GameGuru and it did it all for me.

Looking at the auto generated FPE file created, it follows your logic above with the textured = [blank], but it also adds textureref lines underneath to use the other dds files, it seems.

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Posted: 3rd Feb 2020 09:30
nice guide

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