Showcase / SISU: Fight for finland [Tactical thirdperson shooter]

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Posted: 14th Dec 2019 18:21 Edited at: 14th Dec 2019 20:09


SISU: Fight for finland is an project done for finnish independence day to respect those who fought for our country in 1939-1944.


After 80 years from winterwar the enemy attacks again from the east,

but this time they do not carry a flag on their shoulder.

Finland needs to defend themself once again from a superior enemy which this time is not obeying the law of war.

You as a soldier:

You are playing as finnish soldier left in deep inside enemy lines, complete objective, neutralize the enemy camps and make your way out of there.

But be careful, the enemy is patrolling across this open world battlefield and finnish pioneers have left minefields behind them while retreating.

You will encounter thick finnish forest and old suburban areas but keep your focus on mission. Enemy has taken over this land now.



WASD: Move
Left trigger: shoot
Space: Jump
Press E: interact

Sneak behind enemies for silent knockout

Mostly basic stuff. Have fun!
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Posted: 16th Dec 2019 09:26
Well alright!

First of all, the minimalistic visuals work for this, it has this weekend paintball vibe to it which is not a bad thing.
Everything else kinda didn't do it for me.

The sound is barely present and the gameplay has too little to it to be engaging. Whats there is incredibly awkward.
Its third person but I can not freely rotate the camera, so I am stuck with only being able to rotate my camera and get right up to enemies to be able to hit them. Its neat that you have a feature to knock enemies out but the lack of animation makes that seem very comical.
Same goes for how the pitch black gun awkwardly floats in the characters hand, lack of muzzleflash and reload animation and the fact that I have a vault animation when I press jump that doesn't seem to be able to vault over objects I should be (concrete barricades).

Now, if you change the FOV in the games settings, I have increased range and can take out enemies long before they can react to me.
You run out of ammo quickly and can't pick up gear from enemies which is another crucial gameplay element that is missing.

Gameplay wise it kind of reminds me of old mini-games. A lot of scattered enemies roaming around and I am to collect some parts. This could be made to work but it needs some more.

If there is one word to describe this game so far its "awkward".... having true third person view and some animations and sounds along with it would already improve it by a large margin.

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Posted: 16th Dec 2019 11:58 Edited at: 16th Dec 2019 12:00
Thank you for your feedback wolf! its very appreciated.

I mainly did this project in timespam of 3 days to get it out for finnish independence day so
it seems to show in results. But thank you for showing the flaws as i may have been creating this one
with viewing the project launch date too much as tunnel vision.

I may continue working with this one in future if i get bored on my main project again, but mainly this
was a tryout to create something with third person components of gameguru which are not really the greatest at this time,
one thing i noticed while creating this project was that you are very limited on gamegurus normal properties and features.

The main goal i was trying to achieve with this was arcade type of "tacticool" gameplay with minimalistic controls (x rotating only)
that would play along with drawing distance and enemy alert distances and so create a decent stable gameplay.

Thank you for your feedback!

Yeah the ammo thing was complete my fault i didn't just think it while testing the game, i need to patch it in gamejolt
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