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I'm working on an RPG that involves the player using a customized robot (possibly, currently working out other theme ideas), facing off against enemies who also use a customized robot in an action combat system. A fight between equals who follow the same rules.

I've reached a point where the finer details of combat are implemented and it's time to finalize the AI for my game.

But that has brought me to a question. Namely, how exactly to design the AI for the game.

In most games, enemies have limited movesets that are unique to them, which allows designers to have a lot of control over the experience. But that doesn't really fit the idea of the player fighting someone else who is controlling a robot.

Right now, the AI is designed to adjust it's behaviour based on it's equipment and a few other factors, like the difficulty rating of the enemy. The higher that rating, the more likely the AI is to make the best decision for the moment.[color=white][/color] [color=white][/color]

It actually feels pretty good to everyone I've shown it to, it's kinda like fighting someone who doesn't realize you can dodge cancel and have super attacks.
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Posted: 12th Apr 2020 08:09
The problem with Duel Combat(1 vs 1) against an AI is that unlike humans you cannot have mind games(yomi).

Mind Games are inherent biases a human player can have that another player can exploit and adapt to mitigate their own weaknesses. An AI is either too predictable or too random for that to work.

This is because in fighting games have attacks that are fast that are not reactable.

That means AI Bosses in a game like Dark Souls are all about understanding patterns,timing and attacks are reactable.
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Posted: 13th Apr 2020 21:33
ilove boss fight for gg
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