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Posted: 31st Oct 2019 15:25
hay guys i was wondering if anyone knew of any good (free) demon or monster models think kelsk from Quake 3 or anything from Doom stuff in that kind of style you know creepy and fun to kill also a retro wepon pack would be cool too thanks.
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Posted: 31st Oct 2019 20:21
You can browse these forums for several free mutants and chars. Try out our search function.
The old FPSC boards hold some free characters as well and are relatively easy to get working in Game Guru.
You can find some Doom related monsters here. However, to get them working in GG you require some scripting and converting experience. There is no tool or other easy import function for external animated characters. Things seldomly work out of the box in game design. (Just remember that if you use copyright protected characters like Doom monsters you can't sell your game later on.)
This expansion is free, is GG ready and holds many characters you can modify for your own goals.

Other than that:
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