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Posted: 14th Oct 2019 12:59 Edited at: 17th Oct 2019 15:31
Name: Galaxy Freelancer

Developer: NLG aka Honkeyboy

Storyline: Set in a future universe, you are a young pilot setting off in life.
You have a choice in which to go , Galaxy pilot, Trader or Pirate.
You start on Galaxy Station Alpha after a clash with pirates on a Battlecruiser which has docked for repairs.

Basically this is a project kind of loosely based around the old freelancer game joined with my old project galaxy's , each sector contains stations (dockable), Planets (landable) some space wrecks(dockable) and of course other ships going about their business.

The first maps are mainly complete (just need to build and swap out some stand in models) and the trading side of the project (which is the main focus atm)

more to come

nearly completed trading/ pilot inventory

and its complete and ready to use

Galaxy Hauler planetary landing cutscene

Intel i5 4950 Quad core 3.3ghz AMD FX 6300 x6 cores 3.5ghz(unclocked)
8gb Ram 8gb Ram
AMD Radeon 7570 1gb AMD Radeon HD 6670 2gb
and a well fed mouse on a wheel

I only smile because i have absolutely no idea whats going on


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Posted: 20th Oct 2019 23:34
The scripting in this with the hauler landing and the space levels look really darn good Honkey!

Not so crazy about the first person interior parts. I think you can improve a lot there in the looks department.
Anyway! Looking forward to more and best luck with it!
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Posted: 23rd Oct 2019 21:12
The Landing was amazing !!
Really felt like there was a pilot tweaking and lining himself up.
That's awesome ..
The only person ever to get all his work done by "Friday" was Robinson Crusoe..
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Posted: 24th Oct 2019 23:41
Awesome Honkey!
Jim C
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Posted: 5th Nov 2019 08:43
This looks good
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Posted: 5th Nov 2019 22:47
Cool stuff Honkeyboy, love that approach and landing

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