Feature Creep / Adding C# Scripting support for GameGuru

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Posted: 13th Oct 2019 19:58
Hello, everyone.

This is my suggestion. Adding C# Scripting support for the GameGuru engine.

Now, developers and moderators may ask: Why should we do that? GameGuru is considered as an easy to use game engine.

Yes, GameGuru is an easy to use game engine. But, like in Lua Scripting for GameGuru, it's completely optional and several scripts are provided by the developers and the community. Adding C# Scripting support to GameGuru would be really great, i'm a C# developer and GameGuru is a really great engine.

C# does have a really great IDE, Visual Studio. Lua? Doesn't really have great IDEs and you have to know all GameGuru script functions, global variables etc. while on C# it gives you possible suggestions of what you mean, which can really ease up the scripting process. Hopefully one day C# will be a scripting languange in GameGuru
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Posted: 14th Oct 2019 04:51
I'm no expert, but first thoughts are;
I'm not sure if the entirety of GG's platform-- as it seems like
an engine designed for scripting -- IE script 'plug in's' or functions
as they like to be called would support C#. But perhaps I am
off base more than I could imagine!

So-- maybe? How about suggest at Github and see what responses
come around from the top? Also if C# is similar to C++, which I know
nothing about, they would possibly be quite interested in your skills!
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Posted: 19th Oct 2019 10:37
Not sure how you would go about integrating two scripting engines into a single game engine, if offered as an alternative to Lua wouldn't that mean everything would have to duplicated, i.e. all the current scripts would need to have C# versions?

It would be a maintenance nightmare I would think.

The IDE argument is a bit daft, you can't develop scripts in Visual Studio because VS doesn't know anything about GG functions etc, there are plenty of Lua IDE's you could use but they have the same limitation that they don't know anything about GG either!

If you like that sort of thing there is a third party plugin for notepad++ that will give the functionality you mention for GG Lua functions.
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