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Game Launcher Creator V2

GLC V2 Official Website

Due to the highly successful V1 edition of Game Launcher Creator (which has been in existence and development since Feb 2018) - Game Launcher Creator V2 was rewritten from the ground up with a whole new framework. (If you are an existing V1 user please see bottom of post)

The GLC V1 framework was not ready for the features that GLC V2 offers. This is a brand new major version increment, with a whole new framework developed ready to handle a plethora of features and upgrades/improvements for the future.

Here are some screenshots...

Game Launcher Creator V2 is the next-generation, revolutionary custom game launcher creation software that allows you to design and pubish your own custom game launchers.

GLC V2 packs a punch when it comes to designing and developing your own professional game launchers. Here is a run-down of what GLC V2 has to offer.


WYSIWYG Live Editor
Edit your launchers in real-time, what you see is what you get. With our intuitive live editor, how you design your launcher in GLC is exactly how it will look to your users.

Built-in Updater
Let your users check for game updates, download and install them. With our simple update check system, you will have a fully-fledged update system available and ready to go for your users.

Cloud-Based Content
Cloud Based Text and Images means you can update your launchers online. Update your images or text online and they will instantly reflect to all your launchers without the need to update!

Game Launcher Templates
Choose from pre-designed templates or design your own. We have a mix of pre-designed game launcher templates for you to get started with, or you can choose a blank canvas and design your own.

Any Game/Engine Compatibility
Compatible with all game engines - so long as it produces an Executable/HTML/Wrapper. From GameGuru, to Unreal Engine, from Clickteam Fusion 2.5 to Unity. From MUGEN to Construct. All engines are supported.

Windows™ Compatible
Both the editor and your launchers are compatible from Vista through to Windows 10.

Serverside Queries
Perform real-time serverside queries with PHP and feed it directly to your launchers. You can use this feature for live stats, hi-scores, live multiplayer info (how many players online etc.) or just live news!

Website/Webpage Integration
Integrate websites, webpages, forums or scripts directly into your launchers.

Music, Video, Sound Effects
Import your own music, video and sound effects into your launchers.

Completely Customizable
From window sizes, to splash screens and so much more. You will walk away with a professional looking Game Launcher that your users can interact with.

Pro-Actively Developed
We are a big community with lots of expert users and our developers and support team are always online to help, advise and listen to your feedback.

AOPS (Advanced Online Patching System)
The PRO version of Game Launcher Creator now comes feature-packed with a brand new patching system for developers!

The AOPS system allows you to integrate a complete patching system into your game launchers. You simply run a scan over your latest update, upload the files to your webserver and your users (players) can then use the patching system to get the latest update. It will only download the files that have been modified, saving on download times, install times and bandwidth! It's very convenient for repairing your games, should the user or an anti-virus break their files.

Unlimited Pages
With GLC V2 Pro, you can have unlimited pages. Which means your game launchers no longer have to be limited to just a splash screen and one page. You can have unlimited pages and you can setup buttons for your users to navigate from page to page!

Cloud Video Object
You can now stream video directly into your game launchers with the Cloud Video Object featured in the Pro version. Instead of shipping your video with your launcher, you can stream it directly from your server to your game launcher clients, which also means you can update it on the server too!

Registry Checks
With the PRO version of GLC V2, you can perform registry checks for certain objects such as buttons. Make certain buttons available only if a certain product is installed, or you can locate the executable file. Perfect for Add-ons or DRM.

GIF Object
The PRO version boasts a new GIF object allowing you to insert animated or static GIFs directly into your launchers, bringing them to life even more!

Check Internet Connections
With the PRO version of GLC V2, you can check if the user has an Active Internet Connection and then either choose to run the launcher, or let them know they will need an internet connection.

System Tray Icon
With the PRO Version of GLC V2, you can run your launcher from a System Tray Icon located in the users taskbar. This means they can minimize your game launcher to the system tray and re-activate it whenever they want to.

New Advanced Video Properties
We've added special functionality to Pro Videos! You can now use a new property for local videos in your game launchers 'Upon End'. So you can now do stuff when the video finishes (for example, go to another page - perfect for Intro Videos).

Object Opacity
What better way to edit your Game Launchers than bringing in real-time opacity levels for objects? With the Pro Editor, you can set the opacity (transparency) level of objects such as buttons, images and videos!

Fullscreen Launchers
With the PRO version of GLC V2, you can now have your game launchers run in native fullscreen! Now we're talking...


V2 over V1 Improvements
GLC V2 now features a more intuitive and complete custom workspace. With draggable, floating windows you can customize the workspace to suit you and your resolution.

You now also have the ability to work better and faster with the live editor by having the ability to LOCK/UNLOCK objects, pop-up menus make for light effort in working faster, you can now resize objects in realtime inside the editor and much, much more.

The whole new interface brings a nice development feel and there's lots more to come for Game Launcher Creator Pro!

Get designing and developing your Game Launchers today with Game Launcher Creator!

Existing V1 Users - We are grateful for your support, feedback and comments and we are still maintaining and developing V1 until the end of this year. However, should you choose to upgrade between now and the 20th December 2019, we have a special upgrade discount price just for you. Please see this link here.

If you wish to check out the full feature list for GLC please click here.

If you wish to check out the version comparison list please click here.

This will be the official GG thread for GG users and Game Launcher Creator 2. Any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback is welcome in this thread.

Thank you,
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Here is a video doing a quick showcase of GLC V2 Editor and some of the objects/settings:

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Posted: 3rd Oct 2019 18:53
Fantastic work Danny

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Posted: 6th Oct 2019 12:55
Thanks, Dave!
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The following is -- IMHO --

I had just seen this. This is one of the most professionally done customized launching software I've seen that works with GG. It is well thought out and uses some of the most current software techniques; even your website is very professional looking. Unfortunately, I am not sure if this will be used by very many GG developers as the GG engine is not fully developed. Professional looking and playable Indie games can be done if there is more than one developer for such a game. It seems to be worth the cost but it will probably be a little too high for the typical user of GG. Lee has made this engine for the youngest and the oldest of game makers. When I'm speaking of "oldest" I do mean the likes of me (70 years old). I'm having a blast working with GG but I doubt that I will ever finish a totally polished game with lots of levels and extremely interesting puzzles and situations within each level.

I can definitely see this as a very valuable piece of software for, say, developers using "Unity."
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