3rd Party Models/Media Chat / Have you guy's seen that Space ship on the news....Incredible!

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Posted: 18th Aug 2019 22:04
Just a little vid fun with a map I'm making.....

I did find out the hard way I cant build this into a standalone with the new version because the Galaxy Seed shader wont run in the new engine! Is there an updated shader for the Galaxy seed package? Please let me Know if there is or another fix!

Otherwise enjoy & Cheer's....

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Posted: 19th Aug 2019 00:18
Wow, neato looking. That's a good bit of work, and too bad that
GG is too broke to handle it. We need to give it a big 64 bit JOLT
and wake it up-- to modern times!!

I'm really not understanding why Standalone behaves as a totally different
creature to the editor map launcher-?!
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Posted: 19th Aug 2019 05:40
The issue he's having isn't a standalone issue, it's a custom shader issue, galaxy seed uses a custom shader which was created for DX9 and i don't think it's been updated for DX11.

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Posted: 4th Sep 2019 08:32
I hope you can fix it. Looks brilliant!
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Posted: 4th Sep 2019 11:57
Loved it, very cool

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