Showcase / [LOCKED] Rogue Planet - Act I [Finished for good, please don't lock.]

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Posted: 25th Jul 2019 00:07 Edited at: 25th Jul 2019 00:11

Download Link:

Before you ask, no, that's not the framerate in the black and white section (at least, I'd hope it's not for you), the footage was slowed down, giving the impression of an old silent war film from the likes of the OG SWBF2.


It is with great pleasure that I, PCVeteran, bestow upon thee, with the utmost pleasure:

Rogue Planet: Act I.

This game is a test of nailing down the core gameplay, then going on to expand the story in whatever may come out next from myself.

This has been quite the challenge to make, and release, mainly due to the contents of what you're about to play having to be reworked over and over until I could produce something with enough polish, and charm to hook you with.

I sincerely hope that I have done a good enough job, and you will join me for whatever lies beyond in our next ventures.

For this is a journey in the making, and I wanted to get this out ASAP in a state I deemed acceptable.

So, wherever the story may take us, I hope that you will follow.

And please, stick around.

I promise you, this is just the beginning.

We're far from the end now...


Story [thus far]:

Taking place in the years 2105-2110, on planet not so far far away, a third World War has begun. Not many people lived to tell the tale of its first battle, taking place in an outpost only known as: Last Hope. However, one man was able to survive and tell about the horrors of war he witnessed on that fateful day when all hell broke loose...

His name?


And since his only real home in years was just destroyed, he's going after the leader of the group responible, Lady Lucy.

And she will pay...


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Posted: 25th Jul 2019 21:51 Edited at: 25th Jul 2019 21:51
For the third time now. Screenshots!, follow the guidelines.

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Posted: 25th Jul 2019 23:11 Edited at: 25th Jul 2019 23:14
Oh dear ...Dude do as Wolf asks give us some screenies so we can see what you doing its in the rules m8 if you don't it'll just get locked....up to you m8. Don't think we don't want to see what your doing we do! just as your editing press print screen then just open paint and press you have a screenie to upload were waiting
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Posted: 26th Jul 2019 01:56 Edited at: 26th Jul 2019 01:58
If you don't want it locked then read the rules ..
The first thing is there are no screenshots and the links are not clickable.
This is why you keep getting it locked.

Like this … RULES

1.) Name of Game (in bold, underlined and centered); this can be substituted by a Title Graphic (the Game name must be in the graphic). The graphic should be reasonable in size.
2.) Developer name (a "company name" is acceptable)
3.) Storyline and/or description
4.) 3 Screenshots no larger than 1024x768 (in-game only; thumbnails are acceptable)
5.) Link to additional images (optional)
6.) Website and/or videos...must be click-able (optional)
7.) Download link...must be click-able (optional)
8.) Credits (optional)
9.) Contact info (optional)
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Posted: 26th Jul 2019 03:53
So....... I just played some of this game and had to stop at the "get to the river" level.

The obvious problems..
The levels are all just stock maps that come with GameGuru. The Big Escape, Morning Mountain Stroll, Get to the River. Probably more? Just because you can use those maps in your game doesn't mean you should. I legit thought I had accidentally gone to the "funny" campaign at first because it was that bad.

None of the weapons match. Every weapon has different hands/arms. There are light-sabers and WW2 weapons.
None of the enemies make sense. The settings doesn't make sense. The story doesn't make sense. On the first level I think i'm on some planet that isnt Earth? Yet there is soldiers and zombie clowns. Why are there 500 clowns on the planet?

The amount of bloom or DOF mixed with the bright fog -or something- is way to high. Its headache inducing.

I'm really not sure what you are going for with this game but my advice would be to immediately take your download down. Start over from scratch and don't reuse maps that come with GameGuru, that is just pure laziness. The one level that wasn't ripped off the design was quite bad. I don't usually respond to the showcase posts with critiques but the way you talk about your game and then what was actually delivered made me quite upset. God forbid someone actually spend money on this.
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Posted: 26th Jul 2019 08:47
If you could catch epilepsy, i'm sure this video would do it, all that flashing and flickering was enough to give me a headache.

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Posted: 27th Jul 2019 15:08
Contact a moderator once you are ready to edit your post. This thread is locked until then.


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