Feature Creep / Suggestions that would rock [ic:mariostar]

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Joined: 2nd Jun 2019
Posted: 23rd Jun 2019 10:07
Hey All
Some features that would give a awesome besides the planned things:

1 Easy copy paste (+more then 1 thing at a time). It could be a function like extract but without moving the selected objects. It could also just be ctrl+c ctrl+v and then they appear where the current selected objects are and selects the new ones ready to move around.
2 Search on tags for entities (all entities should have explaining tags from GG team).
3 Extend ai "view range" to max 5000.
4 Create waypoint with mouse like "Add new site".
5 Be able to make 10x undo.
6 Some zombies is still stuck sometimes.
7 Scale characters (Like you can with Dragon).
9 A better guide on import export models with textures made super simple but not leaving out steps on the easy part (2019 version) video with the newest tools and best if no plugins. What about the build in importer fbx2x ?

10 Moving objects (like traffic going about themself).
11 Respawning Enemies System (many things can be done manually but if all do it manually it might be good to have it as standard out of the box).

(I am currenly refused in github (email not supported) unless I make a new mail account)
Thanks in advance
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Joined: 14th Jan 2019
Posted: 28th Jun 2019 21:07
Yes. Those rock!
Some people don't script much, but for others who do
or would like to add several scripts, it would be nice
to have a window pop up where you could access all
the current scripts running-- get the most recent scripts,
like it does for all the entities used in the maps, because
sometimes the scripts are different names in different
folders, etcetra, etcetr, etcet, etce, etc... et.. e.

Along with this, I hope they are working on .fpe settings
inside GG just like we got properties and all that.

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