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Hello there everybody!! I've released an alpha version of my game Skull and Bones a few days ago.

You were admitted in a mental hospital for treatment of your mental illness. The evil Dr. Bones had turned every patient and Doctors of the hospital to Zombies with his special serum. But, somehow you managed to escape. Now, you have to stroll through Dr. Bones’ secret base to take down Dr. Bones. But, beware!!! The zombies do not like intruders.

As the story suggests, you have to take down the zombies created by Dr. Bones. You'll be put in an eerie building which is Dr. Bones' base (At least that's what it's supposed to be). You have to kill the zombies that come in your way and find a key to pass through each level.

Our goal:
The 32% of India's population stay below poverty line. We are going to do charity from the donations we get from the game. 70% of the total raise will be spent on charity. Your money may make someone's life better.

Get the game from here:

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