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Posted: 13th Jun 2019 18:06

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About this demo:

The point of this game is to recapture the magic of the good ol’ LUCASARTS adventure games made back in the early 2000’s in a first person shooter form.

Another reason as to why this game is being made is to show the GameGuru community how to viably reuse levels, weapons, and content, all while making it work in context to the overall gameplay and story.


Taking place in the years 2105-2110, on planet not so far far away, a third World War has begun. Not many people lived to tell the tale of its first battle, taking place in an outpost only known as: Last Hope. However, one man was able to survive and tell about the horrors of war he witnessed on that fateful day when all hell broke loose...

His name?


And since his only real home in years was just destroyed, he's going after the leader of the group responible, Lady Lucy.

And she will pay...
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Posted: 13th Jun 2019 21:38
Been there, done that, got all the T-Shirts!


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Posted: 14th Jun 2019 21:19
Now all we need are a few screenshots.

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