Feature Creep / [SOLVED] A few suggestions . . .

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Posted: 4th Jun 2019 16:14
1 : Actual Particle Effects
Please add actual particle effects like REAL SMOKE and real realistic flames to the game. I think this would be a valid addition to the engine as using rotating decals for flames is becoming outdated. Also dynamic moving ground fog would be highly appreciated to create more atmospheric games. I also believe for the smoke/fog should be interactive with the light would be a good idea.

2 : Moving objects
Please make the way point system interactable with objects, just so we can make more realistic traffic, 3D platformers etc... This would also be good for newer people as currently to move objects you need to use LUA scripting, whereas I would argue its essentially a massive part of all games to be able to move objects.

3 : Respawning Enemies System
Please add a system to respawn enemies thats easy, so we can make survival games ALOT easier. So if an enemy dies he waits x amount of seconds before respawning.

4 : Better lighting
There's no arguing GameGuru's aesthetic isn't outdated, with all the new PBR assets ( Thanks guys! ) this does lead me to believe the issue is with the lightning. I think adopting a lightning system like UNITY would actually be better as that is also simple and easy to use. It also looks a hell of a lot better.

4 : Better lightning Part 2
There is currently no way without scripting to create rotating lights, flickering lights or triggering lights. I do believe this to be quite harsh as ALOT of user friendly easy to use engines include this.

5 : How on earth do I import normal maps into the EBE??!?!??
Seriously how?!?!? Make this easier PLEASE! Also make a slider for the normal maps so you can control their depth.

6 : Zombie AI
Soldier AI is good enough for now, but zombie AI is seriously outdated and needs re-doing.
Genuienly it is atrotious at the moment and even considered unplayable.

Anyways thats my opinion on what needs doing so, epic? I guess...

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Posted: 4th Jun 2019 16:57
All true, however, we have all been suggesting this ad nauseum since 2015.
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Posted: 7th Jun 2019 23:19
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Hey All
I also have some features (x means Trollbae have also mentioned it):

1 Easy copy paste.
2 Search on tags for entities (all entities should have explaining tags from GG team).
3 Extend ai "view range" to max 5000.
4 Create waypoint with mouse like "Add new site".
5 Be able to make 10x undo.
6x Some zombies is still stuck sometimes.
7 Scale characters (Like you can with Dragon).
8 External multiplayer (in game menu) on standalone.
9x A better guide on import export models with textures made super simple but not leaving out steps on the easy part (2019 version) video with the newest tools and best if no plugins. What about the build in importer fbx2x ?
10x Moving objects.
11x Respawning Enemies System.

Thanks in advance
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Posted: 13th Jun 2019 16:18 Edited at: 13th Jun 2019 16:51
I don't even know what Lee and the team are currently working on? It seems like there just posting DLC's to get money when it would be far more economically efficient for them to ACTUALLY RELEASE ENGINE UPDATES. Honestly its starting to feel like a joke by now, we havent had an update in ages, just more and more DLC's.
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Posted: 13th Jun 2019 22:18 Edited at: 13th Jun 2019 22:23
Quote: "I don't even know what Lee and the team are currently working on? "

The team are probably on Tea and cakes at the moment as they don't touch GameGuru ..
Lee is the only developer but if you check Product chat you will see its pretty hectic at the moment with fixes and updates

Also your requests and ideas are better posted on GitHub
This section is kind of redundant now .
The only person ever to get all his work done by "Friday" was Robinson Crusoe..
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Posted: 14th Jun 2019 14:06
Well thats disappointing. I really liked these fourms. Ill repost on GitHub, but thanks for the help synchromesh
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Posted: 14th Jun 2019 22:37
BTW, particles are supposedly ready to be included in GG (you and I both
will have to carefully read the tutorials to learn how to use them.)

And the rest of the suggestions are quite useful, and I also think these
forums should be supported better by the developers because I wasn't
able to create an account there (won't accept any form of the password
I submitted). Also that's just another password to try to remember!!!!?!?!

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