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Posted: 16th May 2019 02:32 Edited at: 17th May 2019 11:26

Developer: PCVeteran


The point of this game is to recapture the magic of the good ol’ LUCASARTS adventure games made back in the early 2000’s in a first person shooter form.

Another reason as to why this game is being made is to show the GameGuru community how to viably reuse levels, weapons, and content, all while making it work in context to the overall gameplay and story.


Taking place in the years 2105-2110, on planet not so far far away, a third World War has begun. Not many people lived to tell the tale of its first battle, taking place in an outpost only known as: Last Hope. However, one man was able to survive and tell about the horrors of war he witnessed on that fateful day when all hell broke loose...

His name?


And since his only real home in years was just destroyed, he's going after the leader of the group responible, Lady Lucy.

And she will pay...


To be announced at a later date after the initial launch of the main single-player campaign, but planned to be on another engine similar to GG, with a more open world map and non-linear based gameplay in the style of the old dumb fun Call of Duty games, with a semi-sci-fantasy twist, mixing cut elements from Battlefield: V, like dragging teammates, health stimpacks from BO4, variants of Conquest from the old Battlefront games, and other elements, like being able to shoot, heal, and attack while sprinting, and special hero characters from the campaign.

If you're interested in helping fund development of the game, there's a donation option below to help me get a desktop computer to help the development of the game along a bit smoother with more powerful hardware at my disposal and cover the royalties for the multiple launchers I intend upon getting this onto.


Direct Drive Download:

The original forum post was locked, and after extensively reading the rules of the forums, I am going to attempt to repost this.

Please hear me out.

Bear in mind that, yes, I did use Morning Mountain Stroll as an example level in this build of the tech demo, it has been altered, and is royalty free, so I didn't see much of a problem using it at the time, just like I don't see why now, since I already had a huge, original, first level already built.

A second demo will probably be out over the summer, but I don't have any set in stone plans for that yet, the point of the demo was to show how to make original content alongside the recycled content work properly without being just a blatant asset flip. I did put some 3-4 months of effort into this build since the original first level was remade, and I'll be able to show you more, once the second demo releases.

I did not plagarize, you may not like the fact that I used a recycled map, no problem.

Original content was provided in the tech demo. Not much, just a third of the level content, but it did work, and my video got 150+ views.

I did not mean to offend anyone by posting the trailer in the way it was posted, however, there was no indication that a trailer was not proper for this showcase thread, since it was just a tech demo.

I am now reposting this thread because I believe that I was unable to properly communicate this, and there was no clarification for trailers not being appropriate in this forum.

I hope you now understand, and should this violate any community guidelines, I will take it down immediately.



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