Virtual Reality / WalkOVR is an affordable mocap/locomotion has succeeded its' campaign

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Hi Everyone,
I am from WalkOVR team. We are developing WalkOVR, a motion capture based locomotion solution that lets VR users move in the most natural way we can. You can walk/run in place you can strafe, go backwards and strafe. It contains multiple sensor systems and basically captures the movement VR users do and transfer them to your VR system. You can use it in almost any headsets since it has also keyboard and gamepad modes. If we count the headsets we are compatible, they are: HTC Vive/Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Oculus GO, Windows Mixed Reality headsets, PSVR (with Cronus Max or TITAN like converters), PIMAX and Gear VR. Probably Rift S will also be included in that list upon our tests. Games you can play with WalkOVR are also almost countless since you are also able to play stereoscopic 3D games through VorpX. Today, we are live on Kickstarter and we have succeeded our campaign within 4 hours. We wanted to share this post to answer all questions you may have. Please have a look at our Kickstarter page here: By the way we are not the only one stating it, VR Youtubers Tyriel, Eric and UKRifter also shared their first impressions, please have a look:

We are here if you have any questions regarding WalkOVR. Thanks for your comments and feedback. WalkOVR Team
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that's actually pretty cool for motion capture though i can't see it really taking off for VR gaming, i was recently looking at the kinnect 2 you can use for motion capture animations, this seems a bit more advanced and apparently going to be far cheaper than the other similar solutions though some offer a suit with special zips to hide the cables... something which does seem like a good idea for more extreme animations so you don't break or disconnect them accidentally... i think making this sort of tech available to the average user can really push animations and video creation etc
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