Feature Creep / Terrain (conformation) + lock options

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Posted: 1st Apr 2019 19:06
Working on an underground level. I want to
place some ideas for editor features before I
forget them!
An option when you place the entity on ground for it to
not conform to the ground automatically, but that would be
optional for auto ground conformation or auto off option.
I will try to think of a better way to explain it later.

(IT'S NOW LATER) When you edit the terrain under an object
(rock, wall, etc), they tend to fall down to the point that you "dug"
or rise also if you lift the ground. Sometimes you don't want them
to move at all, therefore you must "lock" them.
Then when they are locked, they (the edges) are hard to see--
therefore my next suggestion;

Another feature when you lock entity with widget, option to make
entity see through or remain solid as original. (maybe have color change)
Sometimes the see-through version is handy, sometimes it
causes (MUCH) harder editing. Make see through or standard as 2 options.
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Posted: 1st Apr 2019 20:42
Not sure what you mean, but there's a handy feature that not many people seem to know about. If you select an entity so its on the cursor and press a key (i think it's either Y or L I cant rememver which) when you place it, it will cut into the terrain.

Also, on the other side of the coin, when you lock an entity it should stay where it is when you adjust the terrain.

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Posted: 1st Apr 2019 22:49
Objects are hard to see when they are locked (Inverted transparency or something). I would like to see an option of keeping the normal shaded more also.
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Posted: 9th Apr 2019 03:22
I guess I'll put another issue in this same thread...
Maybe this has been mentioned a few times?
If you have a run-time error, and can't get back
to GG editor (it's not responding), then you have
to manually exit GG, and possibly lose a lot of hard
work. Luckily when I encountered this, I had just
thrown out a quick test level with a few items,
(can't remember what the test was now), but
next time it might not be so .... would it be
possible to have GG mention a run-time
error while still giving back the user control
of the editor? So as not to lose precious time
and effort? Auto save perhaps?
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Posted: 8th May 2019 20:03 Edited at: 8th May 2019 20:05
I don't think I have ever had one so it depends what the Runtime error is …
Usually its because something is dragging GG down or even a Windows issue but I find most are linked to onboard Video Memory.
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