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Posted: 16th Feb 2019 22:53 Edited at: 17th Feb 2019 18:56
The trailer for Rogue Planet's demo is here, however, I'm having a bit of a problem with getting the demo uploaded to where I can make it available for download.

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Posted: 18th Feb 2019 01:29 Edited at: 18th Feb 2019 01:47
If you have a GMail account you automatically have a 15 gig Google Drive .
Just upload it there and share a link … Its free.

EDIT … However I do not recommend using Morning Mountain Stroll. It looks pretty identical in the video and will only cause bad criticism of your game .. Users here may not even bother to download it if its using stock maps.
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Posted: 18th Feb 2019 06:29 Edited at: 18th Feb 2019 06:29
So did you actually make anything with gameguru? Or did you just plagiarize the example demos and call them your own?

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Posted: 20th Feb 2019 19:39
Thread locked. This is not place for trailers. Please read our rules on this here.

And if you ever intend to properly post this. Please also take rule number 2 into consideration.

Quote: "Not allowed are:
2.) Games that looked like they were "thrown together" overnight (I realize that leaves room for interpretation, and it can be discussed with a Moderator)."

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