Work In Progress / [LOCKED] Paradise Escape

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Posted: 7th Jan 2019 05:54
Working on a tropical island fps. Would love to hear your thoughts!

On a side note: I'm getting bad fps lag in-game which is most likely due to the animated palm trees scattered all over. Anyone know a work around for this? I'm also using ReShade to help give it a nice look which probably contributes to the fps lag also. Can confirm the lag is NOT due to a potato of a PC (i7 6800K, X99A XPOWER Mobo, 24Gbytes DDR4 RAM and GTX 980Ti, just in-case someone wants to know or confirm).

Take a look!



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Posted: 9th Jan 2019 02:59 Edited at: 9th Jan 2019 03:01
Looks awesome. On the issue of your lag... Do you have any models on your maps that you made with EBE? The EBE was giving me major lag, I figured out it wasn't properly deleting memory.

So even if at one time in the past you had an ebe structure on your map it is still there in the memory causing lag.
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Posted: 10th Jan 2019 14:39
Probably your trees causing the lag. You can recover a lot of your framerate if you disable the physics for the trees you use. If you disable the collision in the FPE file altogether that will help too.
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Posted: 11th Jan 2019 16:19 Edited at: 12th Jan 2019 14:40

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You can look at an example here.

If your thread happens to be locked by the time you see this you can contact any forum moderator to unlock it once you have the necessary info and images for a work in progress thread.

Thank you!


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