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Posted: 23rd Dec 2018 11:57
Here in Germany today is a day we call "4. Advent".
I want to use this day to give you my little christmas present: Zombies in the Snow!

Not a big game, not a professionell game. Just something with snow

I want to thank everybody here, for putting something in the brilliant GameGuru. Laa and hit team, all the freelancers, everybody that finds bugs and workarounds, solutions and more more more.
I don't want to make a list of everybody. I just thank EVERYbody. I think each of you know what you have done to help GameGuru.
And I hope that this passion will continue in 2019. GameGuru is getting greater and greater.

Hopy you all enjoy the next days, with family and friends.

Zombies in the Snow ->

I attached some screenshots. More little surprises in the game .


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Posted: 23rd Dec 2018 13:22
Thank you ,happy holidays will check on my comp later

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Posted: 23rd Dec 2018 15:09
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