Third Party Tools / anyone knows of any converters out there?

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Posted: 13th Nov 2018 02:13

I want to see if anyone knows of any converters out there that will help me convert my 3D models to a lower polygon setting that would match the game gurus requirements for polygons, I know how to decrease the polyguns manually inside of zbrush and blender but I have a lot of models I would like to convert it will take a long time if I have to do it manually for each character.
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Posted: 13th Nov 2018 07:52
Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro has some poly reduce tools, its a very useful application
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Posted: 16th Nov 2018 17:12 Edited at: 16th Nov 2018 17:48
As Graphix pointed out ultimate unwrap has many features.
convert fbx .x and many more uvmap reduce polys, triangulate models
remove bones, remove u3d mesh and more.

quick reduction .
some meshes will require triangulation . look in same drop down box used for the reduction.
drag mouse over the uv to highlight all should show in red or over the model, then you can go to the same drop down tab
used for the reduction, and select triangulate, then you can reduce the model. hope this helps.
dont save over you original model always save as different name or folder you cant go back.
A handy tip, right click on the model select or find fill holes.


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