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Rafael Memmel
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Posted: 12th Nov 2018 00:27
I wish to make the following customizations for the coop deatmacht multiplayer:

1. Define a fixed name for team A and another for team B

2. Players can't choose a custom character, but I can set a fixed 3D character for each team / faction. If the player plays in the team A plays with the character of team A and the same with team B.

3. Place a decal next to each team / faction name in the results table.

4. Customize the hud.

I'm willing to hire a GameGuru developer for these custom changes. Any dev available?

I'm also looking for 3D modelers to create custom characters, from my concept art, compatible with GameGuru.
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Posted: 14th Nov 2018 19:54
None of this is possible at the moment, you would have to use custom svripts and multiplayer does not allow custom scripts. The reason being is that because of the way it operates both players have to have the same media and if you use custom scripts the other players will get errors because they dont have them.

It may change in the future. But for now nothing is planned soon.

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