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Posted: 4th Nov 2018 15:07
I do alot of my modeling in Sketchup mainly simple models. I save them as an .X file, I then load up UnWrap3D to unwrap my model to get the UV Map, I also resave the model as an .X file in Unwrap to retain the UV cords. My main concern is that UnWrap3D Exports in DX9 format & not DX11 format.

Would that make a difference to my model in Gameguru and also the PBR Textures , which i have the feeling it would?
What would be my best course of action to make them DX11 compatible? I've downloaded a prog called X Model Viewer which allows me to load in my .X file and save it as an .dbo file.

Thaks for any help

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Posted: 4th Nov 2018 15:49
I think there is a dbo plug-in for UnWrap3D on there download page

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Posted: 4th Nov 2018 16:12 Edited at: 4th Nov 2018 16:14
It shouldnt make any difference, as far as i know there is no dx9 or dx11 versions, its just one format only that they stopped updating at v2.0 in 2014..

Gameguru works with .x as its ptimary import format and automatically converts it to .dbo itself. So its wont make much difference at all.

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Posted: 4th Nov 2018 17:47
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I've downloaded that pluging

Ok thank you.

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