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Pijin Pastrana
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Posted: 31st Oct 2018 07:33
Hi Everyone

If anything I will ask from the developers to add a script, or template that allows a guy with no knowledge of lua scripting to create a classic first person adventure game using GameGuru. I dont mean a walking simulator or horror game, there are too many of those already. I mean a game like the ones developed by Cryo Interactive, or Postmortem, or Scratches, or even Myst and clones. a REAL OLD FASHION ADVENTURE GAME WITH CHARACTERS TO TALK AND INTERACT TO, INVENTORY ITEMS TO PICK UP AND MANAGE, a dialog system, a useful cursor. Something that makes developing an adventure game easier and more affordable. You even have a character creator, with more textures and animations that can be used to create the characters for the game. Think about it, you can reach to more people, not only the shooters guys. Thanks
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Posted: 4th Nov 2018 09:44
This is incredibly hard to do simply because apart from being able to interact with objects, picking up keys and having things play animations (which we already have in GG) these things are immensly complex.

The reason why most games in general rely on exploration and combat is because its simply easiest to do in an appealing way. Creating interesting puzzles or meaningful interactions with characters however is challenging to achieve and its very easy to either bore the player or make it awkward. It would be incredibly hard to create blank systems to build upon for that. (Unless you mean basic stuff like you see in the RPG Maker editor where dialogue is text based and the inventory also rather simplistic... I think we'll have that eventually built in)

Try the store. There are collections of scripts that should help you get started. I recommend the interactive environment pack by rolfy. I'll use it in my game as it too has a strong adventure game influence. I have seen several people code very compelling inventory systems as well.

The reason why GG has more developed FPS features than others is because it started as "First Person Shooter Creator Reloaded" 5 years ago and eventually opened up to other genres later down the road. However working in a genre akin to Myst will require LUA. GG has no templates like modern engines, you would just have to gather scripts that allow you to achieve what you can do. The people on here are very helpful when it comes to that.

A drag and drop type interface for an adventure game will likely not happen soon.


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Posted: 8th Nov 2018 18:28
Fully agree with Wolf. It's just not possible to do what you are asking without some sort of code. At best you would end up with a bunch of puzzles that would be pretty much the same in every other adventure game made from it. In actual fact an adventure game is one of the areas GG could excel in, if enough effort was put in with lua scripting and of course some media
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Posted: 15th Nov 2018 16:38 Edited at: 15th Nov 2018 16:41
I mean even i were to do all of the above (which i probably wouldnt do for free) you'd still need a very basic level of knowledge of code to work that all into your game.

The big issue that would come with templates of these nature is pretty much what Dvader mentioned:

Quote: " At best you would end up with a bunch of puzzles that would be pretty much the same in every other adventure game made from it."

Game Guru kind of already has a bad rep for having a lot of repeating content appear in indie games on Steam and Itcho.

Quote: "even Myst and clones."

Love those types of games and I'm actually patching together some scripts that could be assigned to any object in someones game to say reveal keys or secret passages and such. So similar to what Wolf mentions, you may find some existing scripts on the store that might assist you with trying to create the game play your after.
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Yes right?! Great idea. The character creator has great potential if expanded.

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