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Posted: 10th Aug 2018 08:38 Edited at: 10th Aug 2018 08:48
I was pleasantly shocked to see how far along shadows have come. I was testing some of Bod's textures of which I am also pleased to see that, as far as I'm concerned, a great majority of them are more than adequate for me. The video below is an example. I forgot to convert it from AVI so it is a very large file and seems too big for live showing on GG post so I provide a YouTube link instead. Despite its large size, it's only 28 seconds long.

Animated Helicopter
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Posted: 10th Aug 2018 12:18
Wow - really cool - Game Guru is looking pretty good me thinks

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Posted: 10th Aug 2018 14:15
Interestingly there is a performance tweak in the engine that skips a frame or two for shadow rendering.

I found this slight skip/judder of shadows not to my liking when viewing fast moving animation (and third person shadows were lagging behind the TP) so removed it and the shadows re animation are sublime now - must be a performance impact I guess but haven't noticed it yet.


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Posted: 10th Aug 2018 14:32
I noticed shadows were looking great as soon as the DX11 version was released Had a fairground scene you could sit on and see the shadows deforming correctly all over the model and floor as it span.
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