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Posted: 16th Sep 2018 05:11
Hi Guys

Great Tut as always, thanks GraPhiX

My CubeMap 2 Skybox GUI has been upgraded to support Qbit now aswell

This take some hard work out of the equation to create Quick skyboxes


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Posted: 5th Nov 2018 13:03
Using 3rd Party Characters in Third Person, this is a basic intro on how to use a 3rd party Character in TPV, it was a question asked on Discord but I thought I would post it here too.

The model I tested was from http://3drt.com/store/free-downloads/free-characters/ the felguard monster but this should work with any rigged character, 3drt.com provide various file formats and an animation list (btw I think there prices are quite high I am not endorsing them this is just to show you how to do it).

I did not use GG's importer instead I used the X version of the model, there were 2 issues 1 the scale is really small and the 'handedness' needs to be flipped so if you try a character and he goes backwards when he is supposed to be going forwards you need to load the model into fragmotion and re export to .x choosing the 'flip handedness' option.

I used the wizard.fpe for my template, I edited it to suit my character (animations, textures....etc.) the fpe is posted below.

the key for the animations to work correctly is the legacy list of CSI references, the first thing you need to do is 0,0 them all out, then add the animation frames from you character, this was easy for the model from 3DRT because they provided an animation list.

here is the result of the basic tweaking, I used the standard texture that came with the model I have not altered anything else. the frames could do with a bit of tweaking/refining but it works fine, i have attached the fpe so that you can use it as a template.

Welcome to the real world!
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Posted: 5th Nov 2018 13:17
Nice one Kev,wandering what you have been up to lately

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Posted: 3rd Jan 2019 20:25
I must be blind! I have been looking for this video for a month now. Thanks Kevan!
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