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Posted: 19th Jul 2018 04:38
Hi Guys

I surely hope I don't get banned for this... apology if not allowed!

Game Guru become my latest faviorite game development software...
But they lack Cartoonish Characters.

Any 3D Character Designers for Hire? (Characters for GameGuru)
I do a bunch of education stuff, and need a few Cartoonish Characters, with basic movements, jump, walk, idle
No Firearms and stuff like that.
Something like a cartoonish Turtle, Mouse, Frog etc....
I don't have time now to sit down with blender or whatever software to learn animation...
Anyone interested Please let me know...
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Posted: 19th Jul 2018 12:12
You can always look through the various 3D asset stores, I have seen plenty of cartoony style characters. The next update will support better FBX importing so you should look for models with that format. Your main issue will be creating scripts that match the animations the artist has provided, which will almost certainly not match the defaults used in GameGuru. Fear not though, this is one of the next items on our list after this next monster update
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Joined: 30th Jun 2018
Posted: 19th Jul 2018 13:16
Thanks Lee,

Thanks for the great job you guys doing.
I bought Dark Basic ages ago, and then break away to another development packages, and bought APPGAMEKIT which I love, and recently GameGuru, and GG Loader.

Keep up the good work.... you make our lives easier.


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