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Posted: 1st Jul 2018 15:50
Hello, I think it would be nice if we could set the Language menu where you want to play in your game, how to choose the flag of the country to set the language;
Then it would be nice to set the choice of the character you want to play with a special menu (such as the charachter creator but better) of choice of the character with the characteristics they want to set;

inside the game it would be nice to exchange characters with others (without lua);

would be interesting a menu where you can not only lower the music, but remove it completely, have a personalized menu with extra features like with chapters, with the gallery of images and videos, etc;

the most important thing is to set the size of the land, the possibility of setting the entities as tiny to be able to have a huge amount of land available and therefore a smaller number of resources per area to be exploited;

A better day and night system would be needed without external programs;

definitely a better melee attack system;

the usual revived possibility of swimming;

it would be nice to paint the grass also around the mountains and not just below or above;
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