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Posted: 22nd May 2018 16:00
I’ve spoken to Lee recently via email. I was advised to post this thread in regards to making custom parts for character creator. What I’m looking to do is make custom body parts, heads, and accessories. The old method required extracting the old x file and converting it. What I would love to have as well as others is an original fbx character with animations for body and an original fbx character for the head. It would make life much easier. I haven’t seen this posted on the thread at all. If I’m wrong feel free to correct me. I do however feel that the direct x format is very limiting. If fbx was supported with animated models we’d be better off.
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Posted: 22nd May 2018 23:54
There is no solid support for FBX importing right now, but I am keen to help support the use of X files to add additional Character Creator body and head parts. By way of an extra bump of help, I have attached (hot from the Fantasy Pack DLC) the Barbarian along with his head, hair, helm and body (with built-in animations). You just need to drop these into the "Files\characterkit" folder and when you run GameGuru, the Character Creator will have a new body, head, and extras to choose from. By studying the files you should be able to work out how to rename the files, swap out the textures and models, and create additional items. Please post questions here, and as I don't visit other threads on the forum apart from the main one, please drop me an email if you need me to chime in with additional help. Eventually we can turn this post into proper documentation on making new parts for the Character Creator. My email is lee@thegamecreators.com
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Posted: 10th Aug 2018 12:01
The characterkit is really good to see how it all works in GG, but how would one of us go about making a new head and body to put in Character creator in GG?

As I can see the head has a rigg with bones and so does the Body!

I can create a MakeHuman character and export then animate it and put into GG.

I use BLENDER as 3D modelling, Rigging and Animating software.

Thanks in advance!

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