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Posted: 4th May 2018 21:36
Anyone up to or interested to try and make a real 3d fire to be used on a camp fire.?
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Posted: 6th May 2018 23:02
Is that not done with a base fire model and decals or particles for flames?

AmenMoses is doing some cool stuff on the particle emitter side.

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Posted: 7th May 2018 15:41 Edited at: 7th May 2018 19:59
If you invent the HoloDeck I'll make you a REAL 3d fire.

Until then I'm afraid you're stuck with faking it.

Like this:

A combination of 3 different particle effects and manipulation of 3 dynamic lights.

We need some fancy new particle shaders to improve the effect, I'm trying to learn how to accomplish that but it's a steep learning curve at present.
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