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Posted: 5th Mar 2019 20:16 Edited at: 5th Mar 2019 20:26
Quote: "I know that we can not use the official car names and logos. Also the cars should not look 100% as the original.
Wow, that Mercedes looks nice. But don’t fit in my 80s game. The CL Version from the photo came out 1999."

Oh its a 80's game ok.BTW the ford crown was made in the 90's
Quote: "Is that your model or from “somewhere” in the web, converted by you.
I use only stuff where the copyright and license is clear. Normally, I use only things from the original creator, paid or as freeware. That keeps me out of trouble"

No its not self made but iam reading evertime the licence before i buying or downloading something for free.Mostly they are royality free(commercial use) or personal use(non commercial).If u wanna be sure about the license go allways to websites like cgtrader, turbosquid and free3d.I found yersterday a nice website with free assets take a look.
However, i would dont use models from outside this forums, GG, or the TGC store in commercial games, i dont even made a game ever before but i wanna do it.For sure iam gonna use some of my "own" collected 3d stuff, but just as sayed, i dont wanna sell my game.
Sorry 4 this off top post, its a thread about your game
Good luck
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Posted: 6th Mar 2019 17:46
Thanks, hmmm the Ford crown is from the 90s ? Hmmm ok then it’s a laaate 80s game LOL
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