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Posted: 20th Dec 2017 23:00 Edited at: 20th Dec 2017 23:02
Hello all,

Been away for quite a while, (busy with life) but I have been keeping up with GG and working on my blender skills. Anyway was working with on a semi high poly brick wall and was dreading uv mapping and texturing it so i went procedural with cycles and came up with this to bake to a plane. I couldn't make up my mind on color, new, old, etc. So i kinda made it all of them. I hope someone can use it. Works great in EBE. You are Free to do what ever you please with them.


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Posted: 20th Dec 2017 23:03
Nice to see a decent brick texture in EBE Spotaru this will be very usefull cheers m8
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Posted: 21st Dec 2017 00:32
These look really good, Thanks

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