Free Models and Media / The Christmass is near, some of free animated water here ?

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Posted: 2nd Dec 2017 15:10 Edited at: 2nd Dec 2017 15:52
Because the "default water" appear like a lake water,
we need some upgrading of water system in the GG !
Most wanted - waves (animation) for all water system
1 - Ocean animated water
2 - Rivers animated water
3 - Some hints/tricks to change the "water default" (floating, friction, height, swimming etc.) in to GG please.
Please Santa, help the newbies users !
P.S. And the lip-sync animation will be also great for the talk/quest characters system in the game !
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Posted: 2nd Dec 2017 19:49
I doubt that these will be done any time soon, but you could always submit them in the community vote suggestion box...

I wish I had programming skills so I could make 3rd party software that could help with this stuff, but I don't have those kinds of skills.

I guess we can always wish, and hope for the best.

Here's to hoping that Santa will help us folks with this kind of stuff.

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