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Title and Description:
Crazy Bad Rabbit
You must survive the Bad Babbits , dodge or kill them and find and get to the finish portal be careful there are dangerous nice critters who can kill you also
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Author Notes:
This is a free game, to people enjoy, made with gameguru engine after 15 days of trying to understand how to work with it
it has the my enterprise Ideias Frescas/ LUDI brand because we want to show the world that is possible do some easy cool thinks with GG.
Again the program has its flaws but it is possible to make some cool stuff with imagination and little hard work, and i hope that think with A.I. entities will very very very soon but resolved

The game is not 100% optimized for speed but nevertheless goes to the public
I have some issues with the diferente resolution screens yet but i am taking care of that

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Game Link:

The google drive link is below and hope you like it:


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HI mate, looks good, ill check it out tonight when i get home. However, please check the sticky thread about posting rules in this section (link below), and format your post appropriately, there's some strict rules for posting in this section and i'd hate for a mod to close your post down.

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