Multiplayer / Who is playing Multiplayer maps and when. ?

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Posted: 30th Sep 2017 16:23
Hi everyone. just wanna know if there are users that play on a regular basis multiplayer maps, and if so , can we maybe have a way of letting everybody know when someone is going to start / host or play a map. It would be fun, and if the time is ok with me i would like to participate and also play and have some fun with you guys. please let me know if it it possible to have something like a notice board or any way we could know when a multiplayer game is going to be hosted or tested.

many Thanks.

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Posted: 8th Oct 2017 13:29
Judging by the response so far, doesn't look like anybody Is

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Posted: 9th Oct 2017 22:02
lol i did try some of my maps just to see what the steam multiplayer was like but got kicked so gave up :/
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