Easy Building Editor / EBE corruption ?

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Posted: 26th Sep 2017 01:17 Edited at: 21st Feb 2018 19:05
I have been working on quite a large EBE model for some time as part of a game, regularly saving, without issue. Unfortunately a new glitch has halted development.

When in the EBE editor the full gamut of walls textures etc. are visible and editable but when switching to the entity editor mode certain parts of my building disappear. I cannot add any other EBE objects in the 'corrupt' space but can still add and edit other parts of the building. The missing sections are also absent from the test game mode and lightmapping makes no difference. I've attached a video of a section of the building where the problem is that I extracted from the main block.

The 'corrupt' state has saved with the game and the EBE object and seems to spread the more I try to edit it.

Any help would be hugely appreciated as a lot of hours have been sunk into this !

*** UPDATE: The issue seems to arise when two walls are placed directly adjacent to one another, where some individual blocks within one or other wall are replaced with ones using a different texture (i.e. to make a mosaic wall pattern). The EBE doesn't seem to like this.


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