Feature Creep / lua function that can do 2d mouse coords to a ray

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Posted: 8th Sep 2017 15:44
With game guru scripting there are now commands like IntersectAll and RayTerrain that take a ray as input and tell what entity was hit with it or what xyz was hit on the terrain. Together with camera and player we can use those. But there does not yet seem to be a command/way that makes ray from 2D mouse coordinates. Having that would enable point & click style games and rts games games by being able to select a unit.

For some background on this request: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/218559
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Posted: 8th Sep 2017 18:01
It would be great to have an easy way to do this, in Unity using ray casting it's actually really simple and only needs a few lines of code to get it working, some way of doing that here would be great, and it would be a big step towards opening up other genres of game types to live up to the claim that we can make lots of different types (which just isn't true yet as all we can really do is a fairly standard FPS and extremely limited third person/isometric) of games.

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