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Posted: 3rd Aug 2017 12:21
I think it's now vital to have a resolution selector when running a test game and when running a standalone version.

I can use full HD when on my main PC, but if I'm on my laptop, I need to run GG at 1280x720 to get a decent framerate.

It's a pain to keep changing desktop resolution, be nice to set resolution of test game from LUA even.
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Posted: 3rd Aug 2017 13:10
yes and frame rate too please
lua guide for GG
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Posted: 4th Aug 2017 16:57
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Posted: 8th Aug 2017 17:18
Yes, I ran into this problem when testing on my laptop. I had to fiddle around with my laptop settings and also determined 1280x720 was the best setting to get playable results out of a standalone.

Some kind of scripting options for resolution and fps would be great.
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Posted: 15th Aug 2017 22:01
I've actually never successfully been able to create a standalone yet. So I don't really have an opinion on this matter yet.
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Posted: 23rd Aug 2017 21:58
A launcher would be nice and probably not too hard to write. Lee could probably knock something up in no time. I bet there are VB users here that could write one as well. It should be as easy as reading in the ini, changing the resolution to the one supplied and saving again.

Of course it would be nice and far less hassle to have it built in.

Defo agree

@Teabone. I've had issues with standalone's as well on occasion. I generally get them to work though. I'm amazed you have never got one working? You have been around a long time to have never tried it. I think I tested standalone's as soon as they were added. I think the worst issue I have had is when you first run the game; it crashes with an error looking for a non-existant drive. The next time you run the game, it runs fine with no errors at all, which is weird. I can imagine people missing that, just making another standalone and getting the same error every time. Certainly some odd things can happen with standalone's.
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