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Posted: 2nd Aug 2017 05:41
Great Engine, needs alot of work/ improvments. First of all ladders should have been implemented long ago same with swimming, Needs better AI & Graphics. Player controls need to be more fluent and better gunplay since this is a fps creator, like weapon tracers/ better impact decal etc. Theres no reason why we cant get all these, forget the other pointless updates and do whats needed to make this a decent engine again. For the Ease of use of this engine and the price of it with all dlcs, You can just go get UFPS on Unity and make better/ reliable games. Theres nothing holding you back on there niether unlike this one. I like gameguru just tired of it not going no where good.
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Posted: 2nd Aug 2017 12:11
To be fair, a lot of what you mention is personal point view, for example ladders and swimming for my are the lowest priority items that could be put into gameguru, that's my personal point if view, some will share it, others won't. This is why we have the community vote for features, everybody gets to vote from a long list of features, and as each one is completed the highest voted feature will be worked on, then the votes are reset and everybody gets to vote on the next one.

Better AI i totally agree is high priority, although the AI is actually pretty good when it's working, unfortunately there's a ton of bugs that have been introduced recently and it needs a serious bug fix, so this isn't really something that needs a feature request.

As to graphic, i keep seeing people mention this, and granted it doesn't produce AAA quality graphics, but a lot of people are simply misinformed about the graphics quality, and how it works.

There are two main things that are involved with graphics, the shaders, and models.

The shaders used in GameGuru are actually fairly good, again not AAA, but pretty good and you can get some pretty good effects out of them.

The biggest thing that effects the graphics quality is models, if your model is low quality then your graphics will be low quality no matter how good your shaders are, but if you have really good models you can actually produce some stunning scenes with gameguru, i've seen some amazing graphics come out of this engine.

The problem is, and this is what i mean about misinformed users, in Unity/Unreal you don't get free models in the base software, you have to download community crated models, or buy models from 3rd parties, and there's a fairly high level of quality in those community and 3rd party models, whereas with GameGuru a lot of free models are supplied, which although aren't complete rubbish, aren't as good quality as ones you would buy from a third party, because these are readily available people make a quick game using them and then compare them to Unity, thus thinking the graphics are really bad, when in reality if they had used the same models from their Unity project in GameGuru they would have gotten a much better graphical result than they did using the stock models.

I admit there are improvements that can be made, and one of them is being worked on right now, the DX11 upgrade, which won't improve graphics directly at first, but will open up the engine for new graphical features such as PBR and FBX support, but what i'm trying to say is that it's not as bad at the moment as some people seem to think.

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Posted: 2nd Aug 2017 17:37 Edited at: 2nd Aug 2017 17:40
Quote: ", like weapon tracers/ better impact decal etc"

Unfortunately there isn't a lot of customization we can do here. I found a lot of limitations when modifying more than one projectiles. They all just explode by the time they reach their target no matter what type of projectile it is that is visible.

Quote: " forget the other pointless updates "

lol DX11 is not pointless.

Quote: "First of all ladders should have been implemented long ago same with swimming, Needs better AI "

Ladders, swimming and better AI can all be done by LUA now. We have new commands to detect if your underwater by the way. All 3 are how ever on the feature voting list. The community decides what gets worked on first. If you go here you can make your vote count:

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